~ My item wasn’t delivered…

There is a redelivery terminal available at Mainstore front desk. Please check for items here first.

~ Can you make this, or this, or this. I have suggestions.

Unfortunately we don’t have the time for custom builds, and there is a long list of things waiting to be built at any time. However, we welcome suggestions. Please drop a NC with any suggestions you may have in the suggestion box at the front of the mainstore and we’ll see what we can do!

~ Can you change the perms? Can I get full perms?

We cannot give out items full perm, or change the perms on items. Please make sure to check posters for permissions before buying.

~ Can I get a refund?

We can only offer refunds if we have made a mistake or if items are faulty. Please read any warning notecards included in your packaging to make sure you don’t break the item.

~ I can’t see some of your items on marketplace.

Check to make sure you are logged in and have adult search activated. Some products are listed as ADULT.

~ Can you do my event?

We are already committed to several reoccurring events so our schedule is quite full. However, if you send information to Kelsi Ibanez in world we’ll see what we can do.

~ Can I blog for you?

We already have quite a few committed bloggers. However if you send a NC in world to Kelsi Ibanez with links to your blog we’ll take a look and see what we can do. Extra points if you have already blogged [Tia] items in the past. Please include links to those posts!

~ Are you interested in renting a stall on my sim?

We’re sorry but we’re not interested in renting anywhere else.

~ I played your gacha, but I didn’t get the item I wanted.

Gachas are a game of luck. Unfortunately we cannot give out specific items to anyone without being unfair to anyone else that plays.

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